The Micro-Natur Feature Home

Bonneville Homes is proud to unveil its latest Micro-Loft ™, the Micro-Natur, a fabulous combination between the trendy lifestyle of a tiny house and the sumptuous design of our Natur series. This 1008 sq.ft. single-level construction offers an open living area with floor to ceiling windows and a rooftop terrace. This amazing house is design so your living space makes one with nature.

Micro-Natur – the best of both worlds
These last few years have seen Bonneville Homes raise the bar once again with its innovative new Micro-LoftTM series. The resounding success of these designs has been matched only by the top-selling homes in the company’s Natur portfolio. But until now there has been an untapped middle ground between the two. No longer! With Micro-Natur, Bonneville is responding to consumers’ ever-evolving needs by merging the two series and capitalizing on the best attributes of both.

These features include ceilings exceeding 10 feet in height, with natural wood finishes and structural beams, which extend from indoors to out; common living areas boasting full-length windows that span over 50 linear feet; a rooftop deck to maximize available living space; and outdoor storage for athletic gear. Given its minimalist layout, Micro-Natur is also a wise choice for homeowners looking to cut down on maintenance and heating costs. And because it can be built over any type of foundation, the Bonneville Homes design team has come up with a pile structure to reduce the environmental footprint as well.

Other advantages of Micro-Natur
At 1,008 square feet (16’/27’ x 20’/50’), Micro-Natur is the most spacious home in the Micro-LoftTM series. Its single-storey design, which can be adapted to suit individual needs, has two bedrooms (extendible to three), a full bathroom with laundry facilities and an immense living area for the ultimate in comfort and convenience. And the benefits of the outdoor sports equipment storage and rooftop deck cannot be overstated!

Interiors Styled by Debbie Bertulli, Casa Castelli

This year’s model home is from the Micro-Natur series by Bonneville Homes. The name itself inspired an organic modern style for the interior decor. Furniture with clean lines and neutral tones combined with rustic materials create a welcoming space. Warm greys and navy accents, popped with a bit of chartreuse are ideal for bringing a natural appeal to the great room. The fabulous sectional from Stoney Creek Furniture is a soft warm grey fabric, with top stitching and components that make it functional for any living space. Loaded with toss pillows in a variety of textures and colors to give a hint of boho chic.

From the building products by Bonneville Homes, to the interiors styled by Casa Castelli to the outdoor spaces by Curb Appeal, natural elements continue throughout.
Be inspired and enjoy the calm.

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